A1cNow+ Professional (10 tests)

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The A1CNow®+ test provides a quantitative measurement of the percent of glycated hemoglobin (% A1C) levels in capillary (fingerstick) or venous whole blood samples. The test is for professional use to monitor glycemic control in people with diabetes.

Product Specifications

Tests/Box10 / 20
Specimen Collection(5 µL) blood sample
Time to results5 minutes
Kit contentsA1CNow+ analyzer, A1CNOW+ test cartridges, shaker kits: -0.37 mL buffered detergent solution with ferricyanide - Blood collector, Product insert
CLIA ComplexityWaived








  • Portable - use in multiple exam rooms
  • Easy to use - minimal training required
  • No maintenance Available with IFCC (mmol/mol)
  • Once test is complete it will reflect the avg blood sugar level from the past 2-3 months.

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